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S1 Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Bags

S1 Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Bags
S1 Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Bags

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer Travel Made Easier

I don't know about you - but I love to travel. By car, by train, by boat, by plane - no matter how I get there - I love it! One of the things that makes it a drag is dealing with security when you hit a checkpoint. Another is finding everything you need without having to empty out your entire bag! Well - S1 Bags take care of both of my pet peeves.

Okay, you're thinking that the bags are from my company, of course I think that they are great when dealing with these issues. Honestly - they really ARE! There is nothing like going through airport security and not having to take my laptop out of the bag. Or getting somewhere, not having time to unpack, and being able to see what I need inside my bag. My two favorite traveling bags are the S1 checkpoint friendly laptop bag and gym bag.

Contrary to what you might think - the checkpoint friendly laptop bags are NOT clear~its the design that makes them checkpoint friendly. We worked very closely with the TSA to make sure we met all their guidelines so travelers could go through security checkpoints with ease! Nothing like opening the flap of your bag, putting it flat on the belt, and leaving your laptop where it is, safely surrounded by a half-inch of padding.

The gym bag is my favorite"luggage" because it has 3 side compartments and a large main compartment to hold everything I need for work or play! The side pockets are large enough for my shoes, travel bag and toiletries. The main compartment is large enough for up to a weeks worth of clothing. Best of all - the adjustable strap has a shoulder saving pad and is long enough to be worn across your body. This is so much more comfortable than hanging it from your shoulder.

No matter what bag you need - S1 has a great line of bags to fit that need. Take a moment and see what we have for YOU! Come and see why we are S1 - the CLEAR Advantage!

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