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S1 Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Bags

S1 Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Bags
S1 Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Bags

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer Travel Made Easier

I don't know about you - but I love to travel. By car, by train, by boat, by plane - no matter how I get there - I love it! One of the things that makes it a drag is dealing with security when you hit a checkpoint. Another is finding everything you need without having to empty out your entire bag! Well - S1 Bags take care of both of my pet peeves.

Okay, you're thinking that the bags are from my company, of course I think that they are great when dealing with these issues. Honestly - they really ARE! There is nothing like going through airport security and not having to take my laptop out of the bag. Or getting somewhere, not having time to unpack, and being able to see what I need inside my bag. My two favorite traveling bags are the S1 checkpoint friendly laptop bag and gym bag.

Contrary to what you might think - the checkpoint friendly laptop bags are NOT clear~its the design that makes them checkpoint friendly. We worked very closely with the TSA to make sure we met all their guidelines so travelers could go through security checkpoints with ease! Nothing like opening the flap of your bag, putting it flat on the belt, and leaving your laptop where it is, safely surrounded by a half-inch of padding.

The gym bag is my favorite"luggage" because it has 3 side compartments and a large main compartment to hold everything I need for work or play! The side pockets are large enough for my shoes, travel bag and toiletries. The main compartment is large enough for up to a weeks worth of clothing. Best of all - the adjustable strap has a shoulder saving pad and is long enough to be worn across your body. This is so much more comfortable than hanging it from your shoulder.

No matter what bag you need - S1 has a great line of bags to fit that need. Take a moment and see what we have for YOU! Come and see why we are S1 - the CLEAR Advantage!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

S1 - The CLEAR Advantage!: Heightened Security for Travelers

S1 - The CLEAR Advantage!: Heightened Security for Travelers

Heightened Security for Travelers

Well - this past week has brought an element of closure for most of the world - but not all. Nothing will ever bring back those lost that sunny day in September almost ten years ago, nothing. The aftermath has been felt across the country and around the world. The United States lost our innocence that day and nothing will ever bring it back. We joined ranks with countries spanning the globe that have been ravaged by terrorism and we will stand united with you always.

In the coming days and weeks and months security will become even more of an issue, especially for travelers. How I wish I began S1~Safety First because I thought it would be cool for school and that a clear bag would make it easier for kids in a hurry to find their belongings. Sadly that was not the case. S1 Bags began as one mom to another I tried to design and develop a line of bags to keep our schools safe because of what two boys did in a place called Columbine.

It would be wonderful if we added the Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Bags and Backpack cause they were easy. They were added in response to the TSA's request and designed based on Federal guidelines that make them "checkpoint friendly". This request from the TSA was in response to the heightened security after that day in September that forever changed us.

Fellow American's and as a member of the human race, I stand with you united in the love our our country and our brothers and sisters around the world. We will not be defeated, terrorism will not win and S1 will be there meeting your every need and keeping our schools, offices, airports, sports arenas and other public venues safe. Together, we can make a difference.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Why Clear? See Why S1 is the CLEAR Advantage!

As safety issues become more the focal point of our daily lives, how do we find the balance between privacy and security? So often people ask me if I feel uncomfortable carrying a clear bag. I always say that I would rather have someone see what is in my bag than dump in out the name of safety. To me it is less intrusive to have things visible rather than having someone rifle through my things.

In designing and developing S1 Bags we took into consideration privacy and security at the same time. Let’s face it – everyone knows what we have in our bags ladies and gentlemen. Do you honestly think that because someone can “see” what you have it puts your possessions in greater peril than if it were “hidden” in your bag? Realistically, the answer is no. If anything, when entering a public venue where you go through security screenings, carrying a clear bag makes it easier on everyone and your belongings are not taken out and for all to see. They remain safely in your bag! Not only that, but you spend less time at security checkpoints – a win-win for everyone.

As a fellow traveler, I know how distressing it is to deal with checkpoints and applaud the TSA for setting forth guidelines for the development of checkpoint friendly laptop bags. S1 designed two different checkpoint friendly laptop bags and a checkpoint friendly laptop backpack. Understand that it is not the “clear” that makes S1’s laptop bags checkpoint friendly! It is not – it is the design of the bags – which meet all Federal TSA guidelines as checkpoint friendly. Your laptop is secure in a fully lined and padded compartment. In fact, S1 checkpoint friendly bags have a ½ inch padded compartment that safeguards your laptop when in use. What makes it checkpoint friendly is that the bag opens and lies flat as it goes through the scanner. The front flap does have the patented S1 clear feature for your peripherals and information, but rest assured, your laptop is safe and secure.

Take a look at what S1 has to offer – visit for our laptop bags and to see our full line. S1 has an ever expanding line of bags to meet your every need. Whether for school, business, sports, going to ball games or traveling across town or across the continents, S1 has a bag for all your needs. Come see why we are S1 – the CLEAR advantage!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Easier Travel - Are You Part of the Solution

There are so many ways to make travel and safety co-exist - are you doing your part? When I travel, which is fairly often, there are little things that I do to make things easier for myself, security and those waiting behind me on the check-in line. You know, that endless line that seems to go on forever; the place where privacy has no place.

No matter how cold it is I wear my sandals -sometimes with socks- that slip right off. I don't wear anything with metal or wire - anywhere! No belt buckles or cute buttons - nothing that can set off the dreaded alarm! All my carry-on items are in a clear bag, whether it is a backpack or gym bag, both fit in the overhead bin. My toiletries are in a clear pouch in the front of side pocket of my carry-on. I also carry a checkpoint friendly laptop bag so I no longer need to remove my laptop and put it in the plastic bin. No chance of me dropping it - or forgetting it - in my haste to get my things. Thanks to the TSA who wanted to speed up check-in time and reduce breakage! They created guidelines that gave specific instructions as to what makes a bag checkpoint friendly. It must lie flat, nothing can be in with your laptop and nothing can obstruct your laptop from the x-ray machine. Simple as that.

Where can you find great quality items that make travel easier! Right here at S1 Bags! Alright, this blog is a direct promotion of my company - but can I help it if my company has designed and developed a line of bags that make safety and convenience possible! You can find our checkpoint friendly bags at and our clear bags and backpacks at Don't get confused - just because S1 has a line of clear bags and backpacks it is NOT the clear that makes our checkpoint friendly bags checkpoint friendly! It is the design - your laptop is in a fully padded compartment and there is a clear flap in front for your boarding pass, id and peripherals - another great feature of our bags!

We know you will love the quality of our products and the way they make it easier to travel. Be part of the solution - carry an S1 bag and cut down on the time you spend on security checkpoints. Visit our web sites and find out why we are S1 - the CLEAR Advantage!

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